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NuTech is synonymous with “new technology” and that is certainly true in soybeans. The two leading biotech herbicide systems in soybeans are both available through NuTech. NuTech is introducing a number of new great looking soybeans with the LibertyLink® technology this year that are a step change in performance compared to older varieties. G2® Genetics brand varieties developed with Accelerated Yield  Technology (AYT™) system promise some exciting new yield advancements and new product components in seed treatments round out the technology advancements for 2013.


Soybeans with the LibertyLink® trait is a relatively new herbicide biotech trait that gives soybeans tolerance to Liberty® herbicide. Liberty® is a contact herbicide and does require some additional management practices for excellent weed control, but it is an effective alternative to glyphosate to provide an additional mode of action for your weed control challenges. Bayer CropScience is promoting soybeans with the LibertyLink® trait as an alternative to soybeans with the Roundup Ready® trait in non-selective herbicide use as well as areas resistance to glyphosate has developed.


Soybeans with the Glyphosate tolerant trait were first introduced in 1996 and have grown to a 98%+ market share in the United States. The use of glyphosate herbicide on the soybean crop has allowed exceptional weed free fields and has become a standard herbicide treatment for most Midwest soybean farmers. Simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness are three powerful advantages that provide value regardless of operation size or business objectives- soybeans with the Glyphosate tolerant trait deliver all three. NuTech has established a long running yield performance track record and has an unmatched lineup of soybeans with the Glyphosate tolerant trait through all maturities with an outstanding array of traits. NuTech recommends growers utilize sound Integrated Pest Management practices when it comes to soybean weed control to help prevent the development of glyphosate weed resistance and keep this important technology viable for generations to come.


Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) system was used to develop nearly all G2® Genetics brand soybeans. The AYT system is a molecular breeding process to increase the yield potential of new varieties at a faster pace than traditional breeding, possibly as much as doubling the rate of genetic gain. Molecular markers have been used to incorporate defensive traits, but with the AYT system markers are also used to increase yield and the AYT system is the first technology to use molecular markers as a yield enhancement tool.