015™* Series

G2® Genetics brand 015™* series looks like it will be a very good compliment to the 713™* series which has performed very well in my irrigated area.

Customer: Justin Gatz Location: Preston, Kansas

196™* Series

“G2® Genetics brand 196* series has quickly become the lead product for the mid 90 day maturity group. We tested it heavily last year and it dominated everything, including several very popular competitors. In addition to its yield, it also stands well, works on all soils, and can make an excellent silage product. If you grow corn between 90 and 100 day, this should be a lead product.”

Customer: Kevin Doneth Location: Durand, Michigan

198™* Series

“With all the uncertainty in farming today, farmers deserve something they can count on. Whether it is pest adaptation, the need for herbicide flexibility, or rotational choices, the G2® brand 198* series has emerged as one of the most versatile and consistent hybrids that I have worked with.”

Customer: Jay Nelson Location: Clara City, Minnesota

3372L™ Brand

“We have been a NuTech Seed customer for years. We decided this past year to switch our bean program to all LibertyLink® due to problems with glyphosate resistant weeds. We weren’t disappointed with the yield of 68 bushels/acre from 3372L™. What a great variety!”

Customer: Gene Hassebrock Location: Lincoln, Illinois

379™* Series

“Of all the years we have been raising corn the G2® Genetics brand 379* Series has been the best we have ever grown. Excellent yields, good test weight. We liked how it came off the field dry and went right into our bins.”

Customer: Casey O’Toole Location: Crystal, North Dakota

504™* & 806™* Series

“The G2® Genetics brand 806* series has been a great hybrid for me in heavy soils, and it has worked well corn on corn for me. I looked forward to a two day earlier version of this hybrid and the 504* series has finally arrived! Better stalks and a great disease package make this hybrid look VERY appealing. I see this hybrid as being a big seller.”

Customer: Scott Broesder Location: Boone, Iowa

510™* series

“In Central Nebraska we need a corn that has an extra gear for our highly productive irrigated acres. G2® Genetics brand 510* series has the horsepower you need to push those upper yield limits. For the last 2 years 510* has been setting the yield bar in my area for it’s maturity. Everytime I plant or sell this hybrid I smile because I know that come fall 510* will bring in big yields.”

Customer: Gavin Jager Location: Ravenna, Nebraska

709™* Series

“Plant G2® Genetics brand 709* series and you’ll be fine! This puts a smile on my face come harvest time and I have continued increasing the amount I plant since I started using 709* two years ago.”

Customer: Wayne Butler Location: La Harpe, Illinois

713™* series

“When we first tested the new 713* series I thought this was another 113 day hybrid that was going to get caught in the mix, but when we started evaluating this hybrid we were blown away. It performed above all expectations that we had. The top end yield potential of this hybrid on our irrigated acres is incredible in our southern geography. The Optimum® Acremax® options offered in 713* are a big advantage as well. Packaging 713* with 515* (that has been proven as a top hybrid in our area) allows us to put a combination on acres that we are extremely confident will perform on all of our variable soil types and environmental conditions.”

Customer: Jon Tucker Location: Haysville, Kansas

7240™ Brand

In my two year plot data 7240™ has been a top yield leader in 2nd place- just a bushel of the leader. It is good on dry land as well as irrigated grown, and I believe 7240™ is a good fit for my farm along with the other NuTech soybeans I plant.

Customer: Mike Schlick Location: Fairfield, Nebraska

7290™ Brand

“The G2® Genetics brand 7290™ soybean fits my farm very well. From irrigated to dryland, 7290 has comparable, at times even higher yields, to other brands being planted. Even on my tougher soils, somehow it still produces good yields when harvest time comes around. Along with the high yields, 7290 makes for easy harvesting with exceptional fall standability. I plan to promote, plant, and sell this soybean hybrid in south central Nebraska. It’s good for me... it’s good for my customers.”

Customer: Mark Haba Location: Glenvil, Nebraska

783™* & 788™* Series

“The G2® Genetics brand 783* & 788* series hybrids will be a boost to our mid-80 day lineup. In addition to improved yields, these two hybrids bring strong standability and very good tolerance to drought conditions. Look for these hybrids to be consistent performers in a wide variety of soil types.”

Customer: Jim Lund Location: Alice, North Dakota

806™* Series

“The G2® Genetics brand 806* series has been a proven winner. It has won or placed in the top 3 of my dealership plot for the last four years. I am on the northern edge for the maturity of 806*, so we use it mainly for dairy farms as high moisture corn or silage.”

Customer: John Black Location: Howard City, Michigan

GS693™ Brand

“We are excited about the NuTech Seed sorghum lineup. GS693™ is a rock solid hybrid that can handle numerous conditions drought to flooding. It shows strong emergence, wide adaptation to all soils, and excellent yield potential. Positioned with GS623™ we have a package that covers all areas of our farm. We face a lot of variables in our area and have a long planting window and we are confident in the performance of these hybrids.”

Customer: Jeff Weber Location: Pilot Point, Texas

Liberty Link®

“My growers and I are excited about the NuTech Seed LibertyLink® soybeans. Over the last few years we’ve been struggling with glyphosate tolerant weeds. Since introducing my customers to LibertyLink soybeans last year, we’ve seen excellent weed control with a 5 bushel yield advantage over most Glyphosate Tolerant programs. With the phytopthora resistant package, it’s been a great plus for the area growers.”yielding soybeans you could plant plus they allowed us to use Liberty® herbicide. LibertyLink soybeans from NuTech gives my customers options and solutions.

Customer: Ed Brickner Location: Fostoria, Ohio